Featured on Tweak Your Biz: What is Alternative Lending and When Does It Make Sense for Your Business?

Business owners discussing small business loan application with funding advisor

There are many types of small business funding that can help business owners managed unexpected expenses or take advantage of opportunities to grow. Between traditional SBA and bank loans and innovative alternative funding options, it can be difficult to understand what type of funding is right for your business.

SBA loans are commonly recommended because of their favorable rates, longer terms, and larger funding amounts. However, despite these advantages, SBA loans come with some singificant drawbacks as well, including extensive and invasive applications and a lengthy approval process.

There are a number of alternative funding options available to businesses who need funding quickly, are seeking a smaller loan, or who don’t meet the strict approval requirements of the SBA and other traditional lenders. To help you select the right funding option for your business, we shared our expertise with the online business community at Tweak Your Biz. Read the full article to learn:

  • What is alternative lending?
  • When does alternative funding make sense for your business?
  • Popular alternative funding options, including merchant cash advances and invoice factoring
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With over 25 years’ experience in financial services, Pamela Kohl has worked closely with banks, alternative finance, and other fintech platforms to develop core banking services, as well as establish new card programs, lending programs, and global payments platforms. She has been nationally recognized for creating innovative solutions, leveraging new markets, and developing winning strategic partnerships. Currently, Pamela serves as Vice President of Marketing at Greenbox Capital. Pamela earned a B.A. from Marshall University, summa cum laude, and M.A. in International Economics from the University of Miami, where she graduated with Distinction.