Our Core Values

We believe in empowering small and mid-sized business owners by building relationships that are based on trust and integrity. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providing responsible funding, fast service, and in-depth communication throughout the lending process.

We operate according to five core values:


You can trust that the Greenbox Capital has your best interest at heart. Our responsible and sustainable lending practices are designed to help you grow your business, and we won’t loan you more than you can manage.


When you apply for a working capital loan with Greenbox Capital, you’ll speak to an actual person who will take the time to understand your business and recognize your potential. Your Funding Advisor will also clearly explain our small business lending process, and they’ll be there to answer any questions you might have about your loan.


Weekly huddles fuel our internal desire to succeed, but we’re just as committed to helping you achieve your goals as we are to achieving our own. We’ll stick with you until you’ve received your working capital loan, and we’ll be here if your business needs another jolt after your first loan has been repaid.


Our Core Value Awards and the resounding peal of our gong whenever we fund a business inspire a culture of teamwork behind the scenes. You’re part of the Greenbox Capital team, too—when you apply for a small business loan, we’ll stay by your side throughout the process, and we’ll work with you to set realistic expectations and build a strong relationship based on trust.


At Greenbox Capital, “service” means putting others before yourself, whether that’s giving back to our community or working with business owners to create tailor-made small business loans. Our service doesn’t stop when you receive your funding—we value our clients’ opinions and are dedicated to improving our small business lending process based on your feedback.