Satori Capital Equips Businesses for Success with Support from Greenbox Capital®

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Fast and easy funding offers California’s Satori Capital greater flexibility and a sense of security.

Satori Capital buys and leases industrial equipment to businesses across the state of California. Recognizing that the high cost of equipment can hinder many small businesses from acquiring the tools they need to succeed, Satori Capital works exclusively by referral to help businesses in a variety of fields access the industrial equipment they need to succeed and grow.

“Helping businesses get the equipment they can’t afford and allowing them to grow and expand is very rewarding.” – David C.

A Merchant Cash Advance from Greenbox Capital Helps Satori Offer Better Prices and Flexible Terms

Whether he’s buying saws for lumber businesses, centrifuges for extraction companies, or manufacturing equipment to culture Greek yogurt, Satori Capital’s CEO, David C., often prefers to purchase equipment in bulk to save on up-front costs. Buying in bulk allows him to offer better prices to his customers and gives him the flexibility to provide customized payment plans that suit the needs of each business.

In a business that is built around making large payments to purchase new equipment in bulk, managing cash flow can be uniquely challenging. With a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) from Greenbox Capital, David is able to make bulk purchases without sacrificing his cash flow.

Easy Funding from Greenbox Capital with a Sense of Security

Greenbox Capital funding also provides David with a sense of security that he will be able to cover overhead costs when needed.

After an unsatisfactory experience using funding from another institution to support his cash flow, David discovered that he could access funding faster and with more favorable terms through Greenbox Capital. Since then, David has worked closely with Elio, a Funding Advisor at Greenbox Capital, and has received and repaid 5 rounds of funding.

“I like working with Greenbox Capital because it’s easy. I don’t have to worry about anything. If I need anything, I just call Elio.”

With a Merchant Cash Advance, David is also able to repay his funding little by little on a schedule that suits his business. Payments are automatically withdrawn from his account, making it easier for David to repay his funding without compromising his cash flow.

Alternative Small Business Funding When It’s Needed

David’s business is thriving, but since Satori Capital operates on credit rather than cash, it can be difficult to get small business funding from banks or the Small Business Administration. While other lenders may focus primarily on David’s cash flow, David appreciates how Greenbox Capital is able to approve funding based on the overall health and strength of his business, not just his cash flow.

For David, Greenbox Capital’s speed of funding and flexible approval requirements are compelling advantages over other forms of funding.

“When you need funding, it’s there. No need for crazy credit applications,” David says.

Business Facts

  • Year Established: November 2017
  • Type: Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • Location: CA
  • Employees: 6
  • Greenbox Capital Customer Since: April 2019
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