Straight Talk Newsletter – February 2020


2020 is a chance to set the bar high, so we’re setting our sights, and intentions, on making it the most successful year yet for our customers! We’re committed to helping you as your funding partner and becoming an indispensable resource in growing and managing your business.

Why? Because we love small businesses and are genuinely passionate about helping people like you achieve their dreams.

How? We’ll be bringing you tons of useful tools to help you grow your business and stand out from your competition. You can expect resources like this brand-new newsletter, blogs, webinars, social posts, guides, and so much more.

Wishing you all the best for a wonderful year!

Jordan Fein, CEO

6 Best Ways to Use Financing to Expand Your Business

It’s a new year, with new projects and goals on the horizon. Having some extra funds on hand can be just what you need to kick 2020 off with a bang! But once you’ve got the cash, do you know how to best use it? ‍‍

Read our our latest blog post, 6 Best Ways to Use Financing to Expand Your Business, for the inside scoop!

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Webinar: 7 Secrets to Running a Successful Business

Learn, grow, and thrive with us this year and start by checking out our most recent webinar, 7 Secrets to Running a Successful Business. Start applying these proven secrets to your business today!

Industry Trends

Great customer service isn’t anything new for small business owners, but a personalized touch may make a huge difference. Going the extra mile and providing your customers a unique experience is the name of the game this year. So how do you do it?

  • Understand your customers and cater to their individual wants + tastes
  • Get to know your customers on a first name basis
  • Notice customer purchasing behaviors – what they bought, day of the week, time, frequency, etc.
  • Strike up a conversation and understand the customer’s lifestyle, wants, and needs
  • Learn to anticipate + predict needs so you can make great suggestions
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