Daycare Funding

There are over 670,000 daycare businesses in the United States, earning over $56 billion in revenue in 2019. Foster your business, maintain the highest standards of care, and outshine your competition with up to $500,000 in funding from Greenbox Capital® in as little as 24 hours.

Fast, Direct Daycare Funding

The continuing rise of dual-income households has fueled consistent growth for child care businesses. There are some large daycare providers, but small businesses still dominate the child care landscape, and that means there’s lots of competition—and lots of opportunity for your daycare business to grow.

Parents expect the highest level of care for their children, whether you offer early education programs, after school care or all day child care, or specialized care such as infant care. Sometimes, your need working capital to maintain and exceed these standards so you can provide superior child care that sets you apart from your competition. You may be able to get the funding you need from a traditional lender, but the application process can take months and requires extensive paperwork, all with no guarantee of approval.

Daycare Funding Solutions

As an alternative lender, Greenbox Capital® can approve more daycare loans than traditional lenders, often with funds deposited in as little as one business day. We provide multiple types of small business funding to grow your daycare center. Our friendly, knowledgeable Funding Advisors will work closely with you to determine what type of daycare funding will help you grow your business without compromising your cash flow. 

Merchant Cash Advance

You’ll receive working capital now, and we’ll receive a percentage of your daily or weekly credit card sales until the terms of the advance have been met. Ideal for businesses with a high volume of credit card sales.

Merchant Cash Advance

Small Business Loan

Our business capital loans are typically between $20,000 and $60,000, but start as low as $3,000 and reach as high as $500,000 depending on the needs of your business. Ideal for businesses seeking short-term financing to grow.

Small Business Loan

Collateral Loan

A secured loan that uses commercial real estate to reduce the cost of the loan. Ideal for businesses looking for longer-term funding options.

Collateral Loan

Business Line of Credit

Borrow as much or as little as you need, draw and repay as you go, and pay interest only on the portion of money you borrow. Ideal for businesses looking for flexible funding.

Business Line of Credit

How To Use Daycare Funding

Daycare funding can provide the working capital you need to meet the unique challenges of running a child care business, such as:

  • Collecting tuition on time while balancing personal relationships with parents
  • Complying with strict regulations and requirements and maintaining rigorous safety standards
  • Strict staff-to-child ratios limiting your ability to grow
  • Different care requirements and standards for different age groups
  • Managing records such as enrollment rosters, child personal and medical histories, special needs, etc.

Daycare funding can also provide the cash flow you need to improve or expand your center. Use your funding to:

  • Implement direct invoicing and online payment technology to ensure tuition is easy to pay, especially for young parents who prefer paying bills online
  • Invest in continuing education and training for staff
  • Hire additional staff to meet demand and enable increased enrollment
  • Provide educational resources for parents to set you apart from your competition
  • Purchase new equipment and supplies, such as mats, furniture, toys, or technology
  • Remodel your space to provide updated, safer facilities
  • Install CCTV and other security monitoring devices in and out of your facility to ensure your clients and staff are safe at all times
  • Boost marketing and promotion to encourage referrals and enrollment

How Daycare Funding Works

  • icon-process-1
    Submit your 1-page application

    After you submit your application, a Funding Advisor will reach out to you within 1 hour (during regular business hours) to discuss your options.

  • icon-process-2
    Choose your funding

    Your Funding Advisor will work closely with you to determine which small business funding option will help you achieve your goals without compromising cash flow.

  • icon-process-3
    Get funded

    Once you and your Funding Advisor determine what funding option will work best for your automotive dealer, your funding can be approved and deposited within 24 hours.

  • icon-process-4
    Repay your funding

    Repayment terms will depend on what kind of alternative daycare loan you use. Terms are set in advance so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

Will You Qualify?

At Greenbox Capital, approval for daycare funding is based on the overall health of your business, not just your credit score. Here are some factors we consider:

  • Business revenue
  • Cash flow
  • Vendor payment history
  • Years in business
  • Public records

Why Get Funded by Greenbox Capital?

Opportunities to outshine your competition and grow your daycare business can come and go quickly, and you may not have the time to navigate the arduous process of applying for funding from a traditional lender. With our faster approval process, you can get the alternative daycare loan you need from Greenbox Capital in as little as one business day.

Trust is the crux of any successful childcare business. Just as your clients trust you to safeguard the well-being and development of their children, you can trust Greenbox Capital to support the growth and development of your business. We will take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can provide the funding you need to grow without over-leveraging your business. We are proud to provide responsible funding, and will always put your best interest first.

Daycare Funding Q&A

Q: Invoicing and collecting tuition payment from my clients is an uphill battle. Can I use alternative funding to make it easier for my clients to pay tuition?

A: Yes, upgrading your technology and software to make it easier for your clients to pay their invoices is an excellent use of alternative loans. We always recommend using funding to improve or grow your business.

Q: I want to expand my daycare center but I need to hire someone to meet staff-to-child ratios. What type of daycare funding should I consider?

A: Expanding your daycare center by hiring new staff is an ideal use of daycare funding. Greenbox Capital offers a variety of funding options to help you access the working capital you need to hire more staff, from small business loans to business lines of credit. Contact our Funding Advisors to select the right program for you.